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Hidenplex Wallet

Access to the world of digital currency has never been so easy yet . Erase the line between the currencies!

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Quality of service is
our priority

Our specialists have developed it so that one advantage of our purse, you no longer have to choose!

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worldwide Mesh

Get rewards for ensuring of transactions worldwide.

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Cooperation with strong - the key to success. Through the integration of all major payment systems Hidenplex Wallet becoming incredibly convenient.

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Hidenplex Wallet

Erase the line between the currencies!

Why are we

Fast, anonymously, safely.

Hidenplex Mesh

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All major payment systems.

Hidenplex Wallet

With Hidenplex Wallet you can carry out payment of purchases, storage savings, currency exchange, money transfers, and more. It does not matter what currency you want to use: payment systems, cryptocurrency, bank cards or digital currency. All are available in Hidenplex Wallet.

New opportunities

Discover new opportunities to work with steady digital currency. Use the anonymity and security of transactions as a modern standard of payments. Become part of a decentralized community Hidenplex Mesh.

Mesh Development Program

Take part in the development of anonymous transactions with Hidenplex. The company enters the market of China and runs the program in which the budget
750000 USD will be sent on the connection fee for new users.

Program rules

Pay for purchases

In any place where they take digital currency. Fast, easy, anonymous and without commissions.

Store the savings

Decentralized payment Hidenplex Mesh ensures the safety of your savings.

Exchange currency

Replenish and withdrawal in many areas in stable digital and cryptocurrency.

Hidenplex Wallet

Working with Hidenplex wallet is incredibly simple and comfortable at the expense of the developed user interface and responsive design.

You have full access to the balance and transfers control at any time online.

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Hidenplex Mesh provides a fully anonymous monetary transactions.


Protection from the devaluation of the digital currency by reference to the USA dollar.


Easy way of combining digital currency.

Take part in work

Join to work Hidenplex Mesh for conducting transactions. Receive fee for every transaction carried out through your mesh.

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