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Attached to the global system that would be universal and safe place for the implementation of the various monetary transactions in the digital world currencies. Build your network and receive remuneration for providing of transactions worldwide.

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Hidenplex Mesh

It is a decentralized payment system that combines large digital currency (electronic money, cryptocurrency), which allows for all sorts of transactions. Such as the transfer from one purse to another, withdrawal of funds, the conversion from one currency to another, etc.


Hidenplex Mesh based on the technology Blockchain, which means the absence of any internal or external administrator, which could affect the transaction participants conversion-payment system.

Chains transactions blocks

Information on all transactions distributed between web users around the world with the help of chain transaction blocks. It provides security, anonymity and the irreversibility of transactions ‒ no one can cancel, block, challenge, or forced to make a transaction without access to a private owner's wallet.

Become a part of Hidenplex Mesh

Join to work Hidenplex Mesh to ensure the carrying out of the transaction. Receive fee for every transaction carried out through your Mesh.


How does Hidenplex Mesh work

Operation and operation Hidenplex Network provides its members. Each user has the ability to create their own Mesh, or connect to an existing one.

Providence transactions carried out with the help of "Mesh members". To determine the capacity (based on the number of members) Mesh is assigned a level that serves as a criterion in the algorithm of allocation of transactions over the Mesh.

A low-level Mesh, the system is processed transaction flows with small amounts. With increasing level Mesh capable of handling large transaction. This method of distribution transactions flows ensures their fast and safe.

For transaction processing at any level network receives a reward in the form of fees in various cryptocurrency and electronic money, are distributed among the participants.

Mesh Development Program

Take part in the development of anonymous transactions with Hidenplex. The company enters the market of China and runs the program in which the budget
750000 USD will be sent on the connection fee for new users.

Program rules


Work in Hidenplex Mesh from any device on all platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone, Android Wear, Apple Watch and others.


Hidenplex Mesh needs to maximize the distribution of its members around the world. Have time to take first place in their region and have a greater number of transactions to be processed.


Develop and increase the Mesh using a variety of tools in your account at any time online.


Working with Hidenplex Mesh incredibly easy and comfortable due to the well thought-out user interface and responsive design.

You have full access to controls and intelligence of its Mesh. Graphs, charts, reports, and other tools work continuously to maintain up to date information and are available at any time online.

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Hidenplex Mesh daily processes over 1 million transactions of transfers and exchanges currencies for exchanges and payment systems.

Hidenplex Live


Everyday Hidenplex Mesh distributed transactions for processing between users around the world.


Hidenplex Mesh serves major transaction payment systems and exchanges, such as Visa, Coinbase, BTCC, Kraken, Poloniex...

Take part in work

Join to work Hidenplex Mesh for conducting transactions. Receive fee for every transaction carried out through your mesh.

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